Portrait of an Artist: Parviz Tanavoli  |  by Maryam Eisler - Vanity Fair UK - November 2015

"Parviz Tanavoli, who is often referred to as the father of modern Iranian sculpture..."


No Retreat: Parviz Tanavoli still dominates Iran's cultural scene |  by Hadani Ditmars -  Wallpaper* - November 2015  

An engaging profile by Vancouver's Hadani Ditmars, published in conjunction with 'The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop' exhibition at the Tate Modern, which features 12 of Tanavoli's artworks.

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Art + Reality | by Rebecca Anne Proctor -  Harper's BAZAAR ART -  Summer 2015

A panel discussion in conjunction with Parviz Tanavoli's first U.S. retrospective and a screening of Terrence Turner's documentary film "Poetry in Bronze" brings thoughtful debate about Middle Eastern Art.  


Cultural Crossroads ~ A Meeting of Minds | by Roxane Zand - Sotheby's

In tandem with the Davis Museum's retrospective exhibition on Parviz Tanavoli was a screening of "Poetry in Bronze", Terrence Turner's new documentary film on Tanavoli, which was followed by the conference, "Art +  Reality:  A Symposium on Contemporary Middle Eastern Art in Context" 

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Master of Bronze Parviz Tanavoli strives for recognition on home soil  | The Globe and Mail

Over the past few months, sculptor Parviz Tanavoli has been described to me as a visionary who is "a giant among his generation." 

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Parviz Tanavoli: a pawn in Iran's culture wars

In March Tehran authorities broke into artist's home and seized all of the sculptures they could find. He's faced a fight to get them back ever since.

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Iranian artist Parviz Tanavoli's solo US show  |  The Financial Times

The Tehran-born sculptor talks about the meaning of his famous 'heech' symbol that is the bedrock of his art.

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